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Because this cow is cranky, we only host the ones we know and love. Please contact me to discuss hosting a domain or to ask any questions.


plan disk space bandwidth domains annual * quarterly
Basic 25GB unlimited 1 $115 $36
Enhanced 25GB unlimited 1 $240 $75
Silver 50GB unlimited 2 $432 $135
Gold 250GB unlimited 5 $800 $250

* = Because I prefer it, Annual Billing gets you a 20% discount over quarterly billing (for plans only)

Additional Options

add-on description cost
SSL enable https://yourdomain $75
Dedicated IP address A unique IP address for your domain $50
Domain Name we manage your domain name $20

Note: Additonal Options are per-domain, not per-account


In addition to providing website hosting, I also do IT related consulting. I have extensive experience with various programming languages (java, javascript, perl, PHP, amongst others) and technologies.

An incomplete list of the consulting services I can provide:

Webhosting Details

  1. Plans:
    1. The Basic plan is for self-service hosting of a single domain. You should be comfortable with managing your own domain via cPanel. I can help, but generally charge for any consulting done at $60/hour (in 15 minute increments).

    2. The Enhanced plan straddles the line between self-service/personal domains and the business plans. It provides a small amount of hands-on help along with access to the reduced hourly rates (see the Silver plan info below). A good middle ground for established domains that don't need a lot of effort on my part.

    3. The Silver plan includes hosting for up to 2 domains and about an hour a month of consulting as needed. Additionally, any consulting above the given hour is done at a reduced rate ($40/hour).

    4. The Gold plan includes hosting for up to 5 domains and about two hours a month of consulting as needed. As with Silver plans, any additional consulting is done at the reduced rate.

    * The consulting time included with the Silver and Gold plans is flexible but not bankable.

    For example, with the Silver plan, if you didn't use your hour from last month and use two this month, you won't get a bill.

    However, there is no banking unused hours. For example, if you go three months without using the hour, then use 3 hours in a single month, you'll likely get a bill for 1 hour.

  2. Add-ons:
    1. The SSL add-on provides your domain with an SSL certificate. Which allows traffic between your website and visitors browsers to be encrypted. This is a must have if you're going to be running a store from your website.

      If you combine this with a PayPal Advanced account you can have a very professional looking store up and running quickly

      Note that the SSL add-on price also includes a dedicated IP address.

    2. Dedicated IP - have a unique IP address for you domain. Note you will still have your account on a shared server.

    3. If you'd rather your name and address details be kept off the internet, then the Domain Name add-on might be for you. CCH will purchase and manage your domain name for you. If you'd rather manage the details yourself, you can purchase a domain name from someone else (like Go Daddy) and we'll help you point it at your CCH account.

      In the event of cancellation, CCH will help transfer the domain to you for no cost.

  3. Phone and email support (answering questions about where to go in cPanel to do something, is there a way to do X, etc) is free and does not count as consulting time.

  4. All billing is 15 days net

  5. In the event of cancellation, CCH pro-rates refunds based on unused months for plans. Yearly add-ons are non refundable.